Nikkei Index Fund and other Japan ETFs

Japan ETF

What is the Nikkei 225 Index? The Nikkei 225 is one of the most well known Japanese benchmark index. Unlike the Chinese stock market indexes. There are a number of index funds that tracks the major Japanese equity indexes for US investors. Similarly to the Dow Jones Industrial average, the Nikkei index is calculated on a […]

Homebuilders and Housing ETF

Housing ETF

There is an exchange traded fund for every conceivable asset class and exposure. ETF providers have been creating new products to match investor demand for more specialised products to create the right exposure for the portfolio (see our guide on how to create a conservative portfolio). Housing ETF or funds with direct exposure to the […]

Russian ETF Turnaround – A Value Opportunity

Investors should always been cautious investing in Russia. Volatility is nothing new for the Russian Market as seen following the famous Russia debt default in the 1990s which brought LTCM to its knees and continuously weak governance and corruption.  The 10% one day loss in the Russian market index following annexation of Crimea and intervention in Eastern Ukraine […]

Time To Get Into India ETF

The indian economy lost momentum in 2013 and 2014 with growth dropping to low single digits. Due to the ineptitude, weak governance and management of government led by the Congress party even India’s presence along with other countries in BRIC has been questioned . However since the election in late 2014 investors saw an opportunity […]

Drilling Down Oil and Gas Drillers ETF

United States is undergoing an energy revolution. In any gold rush, there is just as much profits in selling shovels as in mining gold. The same principal applies to the energy boom where the energy service and equipment providers are making hay while the sun is shining and in some cases has considerably outperformed companies […]

Performance of France ETF vs Eurozone

iShares France ETF (EWQ) is an index tracking exchange trade fund tracking the MSCI France Index. It is designed as an easy way for investors to gain a exposure to large capitalized listed French companies which performance follow closely the French market and economy. ETF gives a ease of access for investors to include international exposure to […]

Invest in Refiners or Oil Refinery ETF?

Investors looking to add Oil Refinery ETF presents a paradox to the modern day proliferation specialised exchange traded products. ETFs can be cost effective and easy way for investors to take advantage of sectors that is expected to outperform the market. It allows investors to gain traction to sectors that would not be cost effective to […]

Shale ETF (FRAK ETF) – Ride the Boom

Black gold!

The energy sector in the US has experienced a paradigm shift where the oil majors has increased the use of fracking to make up the decline in production dependent on conventional oil and gas extraction methods. Hydraulic fracturing energy companies has been profitable for investors that go into the ground game early with the names likes Chesapeake […]

Emerging Market Bond ETF Research

When investors think of Emerging Markets, the first countries that come to mind are the powerhouse economies in Asia like China, Singapore and South Korea or BRICs. There are many more Emerging Markets in other regions which are not commonly written about including Mexico (Latin America), Poland and Hungry in Eastern Europe. Nigeria which just […]