Hong Kong ETF

Chinese share market has seen greatest level of volatility since the finance crises. Investors should note that stocks listed in Hong Kong are mostly not the same as China. Because of strict capital controls and closed financial market. Most of the Chinese ETF listed in the US tracks stocks listed in Hong Kong. It is only […]

Long and Short Crude Oil ETF (1x, leveraged 2x and 3x)

There are 2 primary ways to profit from changes in crude oil prices either from oil company stocks or crude oil futures directly. Oil futures listed on the CME have a fixed amount face price per contract. The fixed price of futures contract means smaller investors have limited opportunity to adjust the position in the portfolio based […]

3 Ways to trade Gasoline with UGA ETF


United States Gasoline Fund (UGA ETF) is the only Gasoline commodity exchange traded fund. UGA invests in gasoline futures (RBOB contracts) hence performance of the ETF mirrors market expectation of future gasoline prices. Each gasoline future contract is worth 42,000 gallons. Commodity ETFs is the best option for small investors that want exposure to commodities […]

Cheap Emerging Markets

Emerging Market Recovery Just Around the Corner Performance of developed markets has been supported flow of liquidity as result of central bank response to anaemic economic growth. The byproduct of unstoppable quantitative easing is flow of money into stocks. Stock markets in the Emerging Markets (EM) has been left behind. This is partly due to […]

Time to buy Energy Company Stocks

Oil price has crashed from high $100’s reached since 2007 to mid $40 and $50s. Following the bottoming in the prices and its recovery. The pendulum between risk and reward looks to be leaning towards reward for long term investors. On a sector basis, investors can play in the recovery oil prices either directly with […]

Gaming & Casino ETF – Contrarian Play

Gaming ETF

It has been a few turbulent years for the gaming and casino sector. US consumers reduced spending in vacations to Las Vegas and entertainment means gaming companies had to go overseas to look for growth. After spending billions in expanding gaming presence in Macau. The casino stocks’ growth is once again under pressure following the Chinese […]

Natural Gas ETF

Natural Gas ETF

Fracking techniques unleashed one of the largest natural gas production boom in the US history. Natural gas like US crude oil production has been on a tear since the wide adoption of fracking drilling. Natural gas production has spread across the continental US with map below highlight source of 5 largest natural gas production states. […]

Cloud ETF

cloud etf

The shift of computing power to the cloud is fueling the fastest growth segment of the technology sector. It allows start ups to shift precious capital to focus on product development, sales and marketing in getting customers in the door instead of building server infrastructure. Investing in fast growing stocks in the cloud technology sector […]

Best Luxury Good ETF? Create Your Own

luxuries etf

The luxury good sector accounted for the largest growth in retail sale. Investing in stocks that provides goods for those with highest disposable income theoretically could be lower risk. After all the consumers of luxury goods by definition spend regardless of overall economic condition. Therefore it is no surprise that the Luxury goods sector is […]

Solar ETF List – Best ETF Highlights

Until recently it has been a wild ride for long term investors in the Solar sector. Performance of Solar ETFs tracking the a basket of solar energy stocks has been mixed at best. Solar energy stocks has struggled due to declining PV cost per unit which appears to be bottoming. The decline in PV cost […]