Gold ETF – Get ready for the next leg up?

Gold price has been range bound since it made a short term peak in 2011. The lagging performance can be attributed to the pull back in the Fed QE program and improving economic backdrop. Some can see it has a period of consolidation until the next leg up. Gold ETFs are funds that hold gold. They […]

Silver ETF (2x and 3x Leveraged Silver ETF + Inverse ETFs)

There are a number of exchange traded fund options for investors looking to allocate a portion of portfolio to Silver. Silver ETFs like other precious metal ETF such as Gold ETF and 2x Gold ETF allow investors to exposure to Silver at a controlled size. Unlike futures, commodity ETFs allow investors to increase and decrease exposure in […]

Dig into Metal and Mining ETFs

The rise in the US dollar has caused pain across number of commodities. Not surprisingly this has hurt oil and gold as well as commodity heavy export countries. The fall in the most commonly used metals such as copper, zinc and iron ore has created value in the sector for investors with a long investment […]

Gold Mining 3x ETF – Leverage Risks

In our Research om Gold Mining ETFs we came across Direxion Daily Gold Miners Bull 3x Shares. What stood out was the abysmal performance vs the market. We plot the performance over the last 12 month and it has underperformed the market, in this case Dow Jones Industrial Average by almost 80%. It is important […]

Best Gold Miners ETF

There are 2 ways for investors to gain exposure to the gold price. Investors can either directly invest in gold through physical gold, gold ETF or gold futures ETFs or using exchange traded funds that holds gold miners. (Physical gold and be used in conjunction with Dividend ETFs to form a more rounded portfolio.) Gold miners can […]

2x and 3x Gold ETF – Leveraged Gold ETF

Gold as an asset class had an outstanding performance from 2007 to its peak in 2011, jumping $640 to nearly $1800. This is a total return of almost 181% or 22% annually when the S&P 500 over the same period fell 15% (excluding dividends) and with much greater volatility. There is a strong historical correlation between […]