Australian Dollar ETF

The Australian Dollar (AUD) is the 5th most traded currency in the world. The AUD is positively correlated with commodity prices, especially copper and iron ore. Then it is no surprise that it has been taking a beating recently on the back of slow down in growth in China. Metal and Miner ETF allows investors direct […]

How Do Index Funds Pay Dividends

DWX Country Allocation - Dividend ETF

Investors has always attracted to stocks with steady and consistent dividends. Some of the Best Dividend ETFs provide consistent dividends for investors year in and year out. The strategy of investing in index funds that focus on dividend strategy can very rewarding. Dividend index funds can be split between investing in companies that has a record in […]

Smart Beta ETF List – New Trend in ETF Investing

Smart Beta

Smart Beta ETF strategies is one of the fastest growing trends in investment management. ETF providers has seen double digit growth in asset under management within the Smart Beta funds with $250 billion asset under management. Traditional passive index funds tracks an index and the weight of companies in the index are typically based on […]

Defensive Playbook 1 – Utility ETF

utilities etf

Utility stocks provide important defensive capability for the portfolio. The sector has a lower volatility versus the broader market which can act as anchor the portfolio. Another feature of utilities is its strong dividend yield which can be extremely attractive under current low rate environment. Utility ETF which is even more diversified and tracks a […]

Top Long and Short US Dollar ETF for Investors

Long Dollar ETF

US dollar has broken out of its long term downtrend. US dollar exchange trade fund can be one of many ETF portfolio strategies which can add uncorrelated returns, as a hedge to stocks with significant international presence and enhance diversification. There are 2 primary kinds of USD ETFs Investor can use to gain this exposure. You can either […]

Best Index Fund for 2015 (SPY ETF and NASDAQ ETF)

This year have been extremely challenging for investors. After double digit market returns in 2013 and 2014. Investor optimism did not carrying forward to 2015. It pays for long term investor to maintain exposure to the public market. Low cost market index funds that track the major market indexes allow investors market exposure while eliminate excess […]

How to Create a Conservative ETF Portfolio

A well designed Conservative ETF Portfolio is for those who are conscious of first rule of investing. Do not lose money. The main goal on a conservative portfolio is to preserve capital as investors seek to ride the market over time rather than trying to time market top and bottoms. A low risk ETF portfolio of […]

Model ETF Portfolio Strategy and Management

ETFs allows investors to build a model portfolio in just a number simple of steps. Before building a portfolio using ETFs, investors first need to develop a portfolio strategy which is a road map for how the investor will achieve the returns that meet their goals. Effective strategies of portfolio management ensure that investment returns […]

MSCI EAFE index performance

The focus on MSCI EAFE index performance comes from the back of our recent post on best index funds for 2015 which highlighted the best performers so far. One distinction of best performing index funds showed that so far international stocks are having a pretty good year.  Domestic stock market returns has been week aside from […]

High Return FX Trade – Short Japanese Yen ETF

Japanese monetary policy is undergoing monumental changes since the start of Shinzo Abe reignited economic reform under the guise of Abenomics. Japanese Yen (USD/JPY) jumped from low 80s to over 100 in the last 2 years however momentum has slowed with hike in consumption tax starting from April 2014 with additional hikes expected in 2015. The Japanese […]