What is indexing investing?

For many beginner investors. Indexing investing or investing in an index fund is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to get a foot in the market. An index fund is a combined pool of investment funds that tracks a specified market, commodity or sector index. Active – Passive Indexing Investing Traditional indexing investing funds […]

ETF vs Mutual Fund – Difference Between Mutual Fund and ETF

What is an Exchange Traded Fund? An Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) similar to mutual fund is a collective investment vehicle that trades like a single stock. ETFs generally track the performance of a stock, bond, or commodity index. Similar to individual stocks, each ETF has a ticker and traded traded on a stock exchange. Major […]

Define ETF

Investors define ETF in finance as Exchange Traded Fund. It is a listed fund with investable basket of assets. Like mutual funds, ETFs are managed by a fund manager with a predefined investment mandate (example). Unlike mutual funds which is priced once a day after the market has closed. Exchange traded funds can be traded […]