Best Small Cap ETF (Russell 2000 ETF, Dividend, Value and Growth ETFs)

Best Small Cap ETF

Small Cap ETF are for investors that want small cap stock exposure without the headaches from large shocks of individual small cap stocks. It provides diversified exposure to a basket of small cap stocks which is a safer way of investing. The tradeoff of using a ETF rather than direct small cap exposure is that […]

Best Healthcare ETF

Total expenditure in the health care industry amount to $1.6 trillion a year and annual growth has been consistently above inflation. Along with favorable demographics momentum it could pay off for investors to allocated portion of the portfolio to the healthcare sector. The healthcare industry can be divided into 4 specific segments. Just like the Energy […]

China ETF for 2015 – New Normal?

China Slowdown

Domestic Chinese stock market has been on its best bull run since 2007. For US investors there are limited options wanting to invest in the Chinese equity market due to capital inflow restrictions. With the number of China ETFs option available it is important to note not all China ETF funds are created equal. ETF providers […]

Top Insurance ETFs Missing From Your Portfolio (IAK vs KIE)

Insurance ETF is one of the great ways of gaining exposure to the insurance sector while at the same time eliminate individual event risks (examples like hurricanes, earthquake or floods). Insurers derive income from a combination of policy income (the insurance premium received being higher than cost of the policy over its lifetime) and investment […]

Best Dow Jones Index Fund

dow jones etf

Investors can use Index Funds or Exchange Traded Funds to track the performance of the Dow Jones Index. The Dow Jones ETF is one of the cheapest option for investors to gain exposure to a group of mature and blue chip stocks compared to actively managed funds. Dow Jones Index History Dow Jones Industrial Average index […]

All the Best Dividends ETFs

dividends etf

Best Dividend ETF for 2015 Dividends is one of the most powerful factors in investment results over the long. The compounding factor of dividends overtime can be a significant portion of overall results. Chart below from WisdomTree show buying the highest dividend paying stocks can outperform the broader market by a large margin and also […]

Best Inverse Bond ETF

inverse etfs

Interest rates has been in secular decline for last decade. Federal reserve’s response to the financial crises has kept rates lower and far longer than anyone would have thought. As with everything in life, nothing lasts forever. The Fed will eventually raise rates from the current multi decade lows and as rates rise (which imply […]

Best Inverse ETF

Inverse ETFs provides investors a positive return when the market declines. To use these index ETF to the maximum effect. Investors should be aware the underlying sector breakdown of the asset or market of each ETF. There are also sector inverse ETFs that move inverse to energy or financial sector ETFs. Prior bear markets saw the […]

Best High Yield Bond ETF (JNK vs HYG)

High Yield Bond ETF (sometimes known as Junk Bonds) can be an important part of the investment portfolio by improving diversification and returns. Unlike dividend ETFs which focus on dividend income stocks. High yield index funds provide a mix of equity and bond like characteristics high yield bonds provide capital gains and income for the investor. Similar […]