ETF Sector Highlight: Energy

Oil Price

Time to buy Energy Company Stocks

Oil price has crashed from high $100's reached since 2007 to mid $40 and $50s. Following the bottoming in the prices and its recovery. The pendulum

Natural Gas ETF

Natural Gas ETF

Fracking techniques unleashed one of the largest natural gas production boom in the US history. Natural gas like US crude oil production has been on a


MSCI EAFE index performance

The focus on MSCI EAFE index performance comes from the back of our recent post on best index funds for 2015 which highlighted the best performers so

Best ETF

inverse etfs

Best Inverse Bond ETF

Interest rates has been in secular decline for last decade. Federal reserve’s response to the financial crises has kept rates lower and far longer t

dividends etf

All the Best Dividends ETFs

Best Dividend ETF for 2015 Dividends is one of the most powerful factors in investment results over the long. The compounding factor of dividends

dow jones etf

Best Dow Jones Index Fund

Investors can use Index Funds or Exchange Traded Funds to track the performance of the Dow Jones Index. The Dow Jones ETF is one of the cheapest

China ETF for 2015 – New Normal?

Domestic Chinese stock market has been on its best bull run since 2007. For US investors there are limited options wanting to invest in the Chinese